Maintenance and repair of office equipment in Tashkent

Our service center performs diagnostics, maintenance and professional repair of office equipment , as well as restoration (recycling) and refueling of monochrome and color cartridges for any printing devices in Tashkent. We use professional equipment and only original consumables and spare parts.
Our specialists promptly carry out preventive maintenance, diagnostics and repair of office equipment in service center and at the customer's site. If your printer / MFP or fax needs replacement of components, and its repair may take a long time, then we take the device to our service center Free of charge! At the time of printer repair, we can provide replacement equipment.

Departure of the master

Free around the city.


Depending on the availability of spare parts and their availability from suppliers 1-3 days.

The cost

We will keep the best prices on the market for you. For your convenience, we offer service options for different budgets.


In the service center, for further repairs, it is free, without further repair, 15 000 sum.


Experts who have undergone theoretical and practical training are constantly developing.


Printer repair warranty 3 months.